All over the country you can see the Christmas decorations and nativity scenes going up. One family decided to make theirs 'zombie-themed,' and it's grabbing national attention.

Zombie Nativity Scene in Ohio
LOCAL 12 via YouTube

Jasen and Amanda Dixon have created this zombie nativity scene for the past two years, and while it's highly creative, groups all over the country are all fired up about it. Not only that, but local officials and church groups are trying to get them to take down the 'decorations.'

The nativity scene is just what you would expect from any other nativity scene... But with a few 'zombie-fied' details. According to the New York Times,

The biblical scene comes complete with Mary, Joseph, undead wise men and a razor-toothed baby Jesus in a manger. A spooky version of “Silent Night” blares in the background. At night, rainbow-colored lights showcase the scene.

Apparently Jasen and Amanda's nativity scene goes against local zoning laws, and must be taken down. They're not going down without a fight, however. The couple have been trying to collect donations to keep the nativity scene up - as they are getting fined up to $500 a day for the display.

The couple created this nativity scene as a stunt last year, advertising a haunted house Jasen is in charge of. After all the attention it got last year, they decided to do it again. Unfortunately, groups all across the country are unhappy with this version of the nativity scene.

Check out more details on their story, and see the actual Zombie Nativity Scene in the video below:




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