What's new in 2022? A new year brings several new laws in New York state.

From marijuana sales and an increase in the minimum wage to banning styrofoam, taking time off to care for family, and the privacy rights, a number of new laws will soon be on the books.

Officials in towns, villages, and cities across the state have until December 31 to opt-out of allowing marijuana sales within their jurisdictions. Several have already decided against allowing pot sales in city limits. However, you can still legally possess and use marijuana in the state. You can also grow your own on your property.

2022 will be the end of take-out Styrofoam containers in New York state. A ban will be in place for the new year for all local businesses and retailers.

The minimum wage is going up in 2022 too. Employees across the state will soon see more in their paycheck, which is helpful since the cost of basically everything is also going up.

Check out all the new laws hitting the books in the new year.

What's New in 2022? New Laws Taking Effect in New York

What's new in 2022? Several new laws take effect in New York to start the new year.

The new laws in 2022 make more sense that some of the stupids laws still on the books. Did you know it's illegal to put ice cream in your back pocket? You can't talk to someone in an elevator or wear slippers after 10 PM. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.

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