My mom gave me the Trek bicycle (above) as a gift in 1990. It's been through a lot, even falling off a bike rack attached to a car speeding along at 55 mph. But, 28 years later, I still use it often.

Thinking about my sturdy, reliable bicycle got me thinking (A) about how it's outlasted all my marriages. Combined. And also got me wondering what old, reliable things you have in your life. So, what's YOUR oldest functioning possession? Lots of great responses on my Facebook page from Central New York and beyond:

Dave Olney bragged about his 1990 Trek 820 bike, same color as mine, and Dave Close shared a pic of his 1996 KHS Montana wheels:

Credit: Dave Close

Speaking of wheels, here's Kevin Collins' pride and joy from 1985:

Credit: Kevin Collins

Steven Lee has had the alarm clock pictured below since 1982 and "only changed the battery twice."

Credit: Steven Lee

Kathy Mott Maffei gave a plug to her favorite frying pan:

Credit: Kathy Mott Maffei

Andy Casselman was proud of his 1986 Nintendo Entertainment System, but Frank Abbadessa beat that one with his Merlin handheld game from 1978 (below), "good as new," he said, "and used often."

Credit: Frank Abadessa

Want to add to the list? What's your oldest functioning possession?