People always say that money doesn’t buy happiness. Well I’m sure if you won the Mega Millions last week you’d be pretty happy. What are some situations where money actually buys happiness?

According to, here are four times where money actually does buy happiness:

1) Buying Gifts and Giving to Others: Even buying a cup of coffee for a friend goes a long way toward making them and you happy.

2) Travel: What's the point of making money if you don't use it on fun stuff? Taking a trip is all about making memories, fun, and happy memories. Live a little!

3) Hobbies or Skills: Spending money on learning a new skill takes your mind off a lot of things as long as it's a skill you enjoy, and will make you happier. Don’t waste money on something that you have no interest in.

4) Investing in Yourself Physically and Mentally: Don’t be embarrassed about going to things like therapy or yoga. Taking steps to improve yourself is a great investment.

What else buys happiness?