People have been saying that for years - 'Life is too short to be be unhappy.' But trying to live in that mindset is a lot harder than it seems.

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No one wants to regret anything - no one wants to die without accomplishing the things they've always wanted to in life. Sayings like 'Life's too short to be unhappy,' and 'Live like you're dying,' have been around for quite some time now. The idea behind these sayings are great - to live with no regrets, to let go of anger, to really live your life to the fullest. But have you ever actually tried to live that way?

Usually it takes something happening to change people - to make people want to live their life better, to the fullest. Sometimes it's a near-death experience, other times it's someone close to them getting ill, or passing away. Why does it have to take something major in our lives to help us change for the better?

Here's my challenge to you, to myself... to everybody. Everyday when you wake up, just try to remember in the back of your head 'Life's too short.' Maybe write it on a sticky note on your mirror so you can see it while you get ready for work. Maybe noticing that at any moment our number could be up, will help us live the best lives we can. Maybe it will help us let go of the anger, let go of the things that truly don't matter - and help us just live happily.

Maybe it won't help. But maybe it's just worth a try. Wouldn't you like your life to be that much more better, that much more happier - and without costing you a dime. All it takes is a little change, and you could make a huge impact on your own life. Maybe it IS worth a try...




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