Maybe you've been to the Price Chopper at the Mohawk Acres Plaza in Rome lately and have been wondering why the heck it's so crazy in there right now? It's because they are in the process of transitioning to a Market 32.

Last year, Price Chopper announced their plans to transition all 131 of their stores to Market 32. The name pays homage to when the Golub family started in the grocery business in 1932, and focuses on health, nutrition, convenience, and variety.

Many in the Rome community have been posting on social media about the renovations taking place in store, claiming "it's a mess" and many felt they should have shut down while making the transition.

According to store associates, although not official, they believe all of the renovations on the Rome store should be completed by the end of November.

The Oneida and New Hartford locations were the first in the region to be turned into Market 32, which is often times compared to Wegmans.

Are you excited for the change? Are you mad about the current state of the store while renovating and believe they should have temporarily closed to get the project  completed faster? Let us know inside our station app.

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