The ever changing water levels in Hinckley Lake is always a concern for residents. But this year, the water is disappearing at a faster rate and residents want to know why.

In less than a week, water levels have dropped 5 feet, which residents say isn't normal for this time of year.

Water levels have dropped 5 vertical feet in less than a week. This is not normal for us so early in the year!

Posted by Hinckley Lake (NY) on Wednesday, July 22, 2015


One resident, Ed DeSanctis posted several photos of the drop on Facebook explaining, "Our lake Hinckley in 14 days has gone down 138 feet of beach and last night alone it went down over 25 feet of beach putting our docks and our boats on shore. This is totally ridiculous that our lake needs to drop that much in one day. In another week this lake will be empty and no one will be able to go out on it."

Ed DeSantis


Ed DeSantis

The Canal Corp authorizes the release of water but repeated calls for answers as to why, have been unreturned.

Residents aren't only concerned about leisure activity on the water, but the dangers to wildlife that call Hinckley Lake home.

The levels are so low, the boat launch may even have to close soon.

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