Eddie Murphy used to make me laugh all the time. My stomach used to hurt because he used to have me in stitches. Now it appears "there's a new sheriff in town, and his name is...."    I've been really looking forward to Eddy Murphy's return to Saturday Night Live. It's hard to believe that Murphy last appeared on the show more than thirty years ago! I was genuinely excited when I learned Eddie was returning to the SNL stage for the first time since 1984. Last night NBC aired it's Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special and Eddie Murphy took to the stage, for exactly 73 seconds!

Chris Rock's introduction to Eddie's appearance was heart felt and classy. He went on for over three minutes raving about how much he loved Murphy. Rock praised Eddie and credited him for saving the careers of several top notch comedians.

"I wanted to be Eddie Murphy." (Chris Rock)

It was obvious to me that Rock was equally, if not more excited than I was about Murphy's long awaited return to Saturday Night Live . After rock made his final introductory comments, the SNL studio audience stood on their feet to show their appreciation for Eddie. Then this happened:

Now it appears there's "a new sheriff in town," and his name is Chris Rock!

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