It certainly isn't mine, as you can see from the odometer reading in the picture. A North Carolina man recently passed a million miles in his Honda Accord, even though the odometer didn't show it.

Dexter Mills says he hit 999,999 miles and kept driving to see what happened next. Turns out nothing happened. The odometer stayed right where it was, obviously confused. Mills attributes the longevity of his car to regular oil and filter changes, and also driving conservatively. We're wondering who has the most miles on his or her car here in Central New York. So far on Facebook, here are the top results:

  • Dave Matrulli: 210,346 on his Chevy
  • Jim McGregor: 201,288 on his Saab, although he says a client of his has 311, 946
  • Vicky Schneider: 222,734 on her GMC Sierra
  • Mitch Eckler: Drummer for The Old Main says the band's tour van is still "rockin'" at 227k
  • Eddie Fantini: 321,660 on his Honda Accord
  • Brandi Come: 356,034 on a Ford F-250
  • Bobby Brown: 377,125 on his Chevy express van

Can you beat any of those?

In honor of everyone's great cars, Sunday, May 12th is National Odometer Day. By the way, the odometer was developed in Wisconsin and patented by the Warner brothers (not the same as the entertainment company) in 1903 as the Auto-Meter.

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