We all may be guilty of saying to our kids..."You have it so easy today...when I was young..."

So with that in mind who had it tougher . . . people who grew up without all the modern technology we're used to today, or people who did?

Kids today have the world literally at their fingertips.  They can easily communicate with their friends at all hours.  They can research their school papers without heading to a library and using a card catalog, microfilm, OR microfiche.

On the other hand, they're dealing with cyberbullying and online predators, and they may be developing spikes in the backs of their heads from constantly staring down at their smartphones.

So who had it tougher?  According to a new survey . . . older generations STILL had it harder.

58% of people . . . including the majority of people from every generation . . . say it was harder to grow up without modern technology than with it.

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