There's a mystery man for sale on Facebook marketplace, and his name is Chester Draw.

You can buy almost anything on Facebook marketplace, including Chester. Sometimes he goes by his formal name, 'Chester Draw', and sometimes by 'Chester Drawers' (that's what his friends call him.)

Maybe you've seen him?

Credit: Facebook Marketplace

Let's just set the record straight: that is a CHEST OF DRAWERS. Not a chester. Those aren't draws.

This isn't the only case of Chester, or Draws on Facebook - and don't even get me started on Craig's List.

Credit: Facebook Marketplace
Credit: Facebook Marketplace

This doesn't even include Facebook garage sale sites.

We get it - sometimes you just think one word is another word - until you realize it's not.

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Those are called 'malapropisms' - and they're pretty common. Like 'Old Timers' for Alzheimer's Disease, or 'doggy dog world' for 'dog eat dog world'.

Well, I'm glad we nipped that in the butt.

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