As you're making a list of who's getting what this Christmas, don't forget the people who help you out all year long.  Who should get a tip for the holidays and how much should a holiday tip be?  This tipping checklist will help you out.

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The guy who cleans the pool, the lady who does your nails or your babysitter.  They should be remembered during the holidays.

Who should you tip and who should you buy a gift for?  This holiday tipping guide is from

Tip the following:

Landscaper/Gardener: Between $20 and $50, or a week's pay if they work for you often.

Pool cleaner: The price of one cleaning.

Newspaper carrier: $10 to $30 or the price of one month's subscription.

Handyman: Depending on how much work he's done for you between $15 and $40.

Buy a gift or give a tip to:

Babysitter: They might like a personal gift from your kids.  If not, one or two night's pay.

Dog walker: A gift or one week's pay.

Cleaning lady: A gift or up to one week's pay.

Pet groomer: A tip or gift worth the price of one grooming.

Manicurist, barber or hairstylist: The price of one visit or a gift equal to that amount.

Massage therapist, personal trainer: Up to the amount of one session.

Buy a gift for:

Boss: You don't have to go overboard but maybe get some coworkers together and buy one gift, like a gift card to a favorite store or restaurant.

Assistant:  Don't forget that year end bonus and a gift worth around $50.

Teacher: A gift no more than $25.

Letter carrier:  They are not allowed to accept gifts worth more than $20.

Day care provider: $25 to $70 per person for each provider who deals with your children.

Your favorite disc jockey:  A million dollars or a trip to the Caribbean.  Okay, I made that one up.  Just having a little fun.