This Sunday is Hollywood's big night.  The 86th Academy Awards get underway Sunday at 7pm on ABC.  I'm crossing my fingers and hoping "Captain Phillips" gets a bunch of Oscars, including "Best Picture."

Only recently did I see "Captain Phillips" and it was one of those films where you just can't stop watching.  It almost felt like a documentary to me.  Tom Hanks was the only actor I recognized which made the movie feel more real because it wasn't filled with recognizable faces.

The supporting cast was amazing and the actors playing the Somali pirates almost stole the show they were that good.  One of them, Barkhad Abdi,  is up for Best Supporting Actor, which he richly deserves.

All and all, this intense film is worthy of an Oscar for capturing a real life story and making you feel like you were there for every tension filled moment.  Tom Hanks, it's too bad you're not up for an Oscar for portraying Captain Phillips.  You were brilliant.

I'll be watching Sunday night.  Did you see this movie too?  What do you hope wins big?