In today's political culture it's not hard to believe the outrage the Coca-Cola's Super Bowl ad has sparked. Perhaps you've found yourself on Twitter and Facebook defending the ad. Perhaps you agree with those who feel 'America The Beautiful' should only be sung in English.

I have no problem living 'Mas'. I like to order les escargo at a French restaurant. I enjoy a bottle of wine on a 'bella cera'. I support our troops who speak many different languages.

The somewhat controversial ad, entitled "It's Beautiful," features one of our favorite patriotic songs,  "America the Beautiful" sung in eight languages. The ad shows people of different ethnic backgrounds enjoying Coca-Cola.

USA Today reports:

The inclusion of different languages sparked comments on Coca-Cola's Facebook page calling the ad a disgrace and unpatriotic.
"Speak English or go home," said one commenter on the page. Another commented, "Screwed up a beautiful song. No Coke for my family."

How do you feel? Is the ad controversial at all or are some of our fellow Americans out of line? Please comment. Thanks.

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