Every one loves a rom-com: boy meets girl, they fall in love, and everyone lives happily ever after. But why do we feel like crap afterwards?

So, we've been watching the new Netflix series, 'Modern Love'. On the scale of 1 to Pretty Woman, these are actually pretty realistic-ish, but I still feel like my life is a little bit lacking afterwards. Like, why isn't Dave more romantic? Or, romantic at all?

Kevin Costner And Kelly Preston Star In The New Movie For Love Of The Game Photo Universal
Credit: Getty Images, 'For The Love of the Game' movie still

Seriously, don't try and tell me you weren't hoping for a little more romance after you watched "The Notebook." Or a little more 'something else' after "Fifty Shades of Gray."

We can't help but compare our own relationships (and wardrobes) to the one on the screen...and it seems to come up short. The comparison game will get you every time.

Every woman on the planet knows the post-breakup movie rule: don't watch a rom-com unless you want to spend the night crying into a pint of Ben & Jerry's. Been there, done that.

The thing about movies is this: they're not real. Everything seems so easy, everyone seems to live in a house or apartment they could never really afford on their imaginary salary, and the guys are so romantic. The make candlelit meals on rooftops. They stand outside in the rain with a boombox over their heads. That does not happen in real life. At least, not in my real life.

Ladies, we just have to keep reminding ourselves that a movie is just that a movie.

And guys, would it kill you to throw a little romance our way? Seriously, maybe you need to watch the rom-coms more than we do. For tips.


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