What would you do if you walked into a drug store and found the person you are married to shopping with the person they are currently sleeping with? Well, it probably depends on what your philandering spouse has in their shopping basket.

In the case of Dawn Elaine Barran of Port St. Lucie, FL, she grabbed a carton of ice cream from her husband. Then, after loudly arguing with him about the whole “other woman” thing, she began beating him with the frozen dessert.

At this point the hubby and his new fling fled the drugstore. However, Dawn was able to track them down in the parking lot, where the frosty pummeling continued.

Dawn’s husband was eventually able to escape her frozen furry, after suffering scrapes to his hand and chest. Dawn was arrested at home later in the day, and charged with battery.

While we can all have a good laugh about the couples’ violent martial misfortune, this story would’ve been a lot less funny if Dawn had spotted her husband and his flame in a hardware store.

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