If you're looking for a dog with as much energy as she's got love in her wiggly self, you can stop looking. Meet Hannah.

Hannah is probably the most wiggly happy dog we've met on Wet Nose Wednesday. From the second she got her, she was giving kisses and asking for pets. She wagged her tail so much, her butt never stopped wiggling.

Hannah is only 9 months old and came to the Stevens-Swan Humane Society as a stray. They suspect she's a cross between a Boston Terrier and a pittie. She's got the cutest, floppiest ears! According to the staff, she gets along with dogs and cats, but because she's still got a lot of puppy in her, she's probably not great for a home with really little kids.

You can see how loving she is in this video:

If you think you can give this active pupper a forever home, contact the Stevens-Swan Human Society at (315) 738-4357. You can see her in person at 5664 Horatio St, Utica.

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