On Friday, January 29th Governor Cuomo announced that weddings with a guest list of up to 150 people could return to the state of New York by March. It's nearly one month later and we now have the new COVID-19 guidance for wedding venues.

What about the first dance, father/daughter dance, the electric slide and the Macarena? How will we socially distance the tossing of the garter belt? Ceremonial and socially-distanced dancing will be allowed under “strict guidelines.” I get the health precautions but it does remind me of the movie Footloose, where the kids in town weren't allowed to dance.

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According to News10 ABC, Starting March 15, weddings and catered events can begin with COVID-19 testing of all patrons before the event. Venues are restricted to 50 percent capacity with no more than 150 people at the event.

So how will this work? Make sure your suit is clean, shoes are shined and oh yeah! Bring that COVID-19 test result. Actually, attendees must sign in with contact tracing information and masks required at all times, except when seated or eating/drinking.

"From day one, we have said that our COVID recovery is not a choice between public health and the economy - it has to be both - and in New York we're demonstrating how to do that safely and smartly," - Governor Cuomo

Cuomo also announced that Billiard/pool halls can reopen in New York starting March 5 with 50 percent capacity in the Capital Region. Players will be required to wear a mask at all times, except when seated and eating/drinking.

I know, now you are asking about concerts. I get it. Reality is that concerts won't happen in any regularity until it is safe and makes sense financially for the artist. For that to happen we would need to see venues at 50% or more of capacity before shows start being booked. For now let's take these baby steps down the aisle first.



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