I know that I'm definitely not the only one who feels this way and I'm 100% okay to admit it. One of my favorite reasons for going to the New York State Fair in Syracuse is because of the wine slushies. I wouldn't say I'm the kind of person to over indulge, but, it's logical to say that it's nice because there's so many different options to choose from in one place.

Last year's Fair threw me for a loop a little bit. The different wineries were spread out all throughout the Fairgrounds, making it a bit challenging to find the ones that I specifically wanted in an appropriate amount of time. Typically, the vendors are all grouped together for what I call the Wine Slushie Spot (aka the Colonnade.)

Good news: if you were also thrown for a loop last year because of the location - the spot is back, according to Syracuse.com.

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The reason for the change last year was due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and because it was often a spot of congestion with large quantities of people, fair officials decided it would be best to spread the vendors throughout the Fairgrounds. Good idea in retrospect, yes, but made attendees pretty upset.

This year, there are at least four slushie stands on the Colonnade itself, and two others below it on the ground level facing Chevy Court. And there are still plenty of stands elsewhere on the fairgrounds, with most vendors returning. Not what I recall to be a "normal" wine slushie situation -- but definitely better than last year.

The remainder of the vendors you may love are, again, spread out through out the Fairgrounds.

I personally just want all of the wine slushies back in one place, but, I won't complain because it could be worse. There could be no wine slushies at all. How tragic would that be?

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