When the wind chill warning predicts wind chills of twenty four below, like today's Central New York weather forecast, do you know how to stay safe and what to do in bitter cold like this?  These extreme cold safety tips from the National Weather Service are worth looking over.

What's the best way to dress during extremely cold weather?
**Wear layers of lightweight but warm, loose-fitting clothes.

**Mittens will keep your hands warmer than gloves.

**Protect your lungs by covering your mouth.

**Your mom was right.  Wear a hat.  40% of body heat can be lost from your head.

** Stay dry and keep out of the wind if you can.

What else should you do during extremely cold weather?

** Keep pets inside.

** Keep travel to a minimum if possible.

** Stay inside as much as you can, especially during the worst part of the extreme cold.

** Find out how to shut off water valves in case your pipes burst.

 ** Keep a winter survival kit in your car, especially if you're going to be traveling.

** Check your vehicle's tire pressure, antifreeze levels and heater/defroster.

**Check on the elderly and make sure they're okay.

Won't you be happy when Spring finally arrives?  I'm ready for it now!