A woman was left dumbfounded after she traveled to see her grandmother's gravestone 30 years after the matriarch's passing, only to find a spelling mistake on the tombstone.

"My grandmother died in her 40s, when my mother was in her early 20s," the woman shared via parenting forum Mumsnet. "I was born a decade after she died. My mother found it too painful so has never visited her grave. I didn't even know where it was until my grandfather passed away last year and was buried with her."

The woman visited the graveyard while she was on vacation but was shocked when she noticed the headstone error that went unnoticed for three decades.

"I noticed a typo on the headstone. It says she was an 'adopting grandmother.' I assume it was meant to say 'a doting' grandmother. I feel bad that it has been this way for nearly 30 years and no one has noticed," she continued.

Now, the woman wants to amend the situation but is wondering if it will be too expensive, and therefore unreasonable, to get the tombstone fixed.

"Am I being unreasonable to want to get it fixed at a cost of a few thousand? Or should I leave it? I have not mentioned it to my mother. I am not sure what her reaction would be," she shared.

In the comments, users offered their sympathy to the woman, as well as plenty of advice.

"That’s bad ... I would assume that it should say adoring ... I would see how much it would cost to have it fixed," one person wrote.

"Ah, that’s such a shame. I would want to get it amended too, hopefully a stonemason will be able to assist at a reasonable cost to you," someone else commented.

Someone claiming to be a funeral arranger also commented on the post, offering their own advice for how the woman should proceed.

"You can get a quote from a stonemason. If the stone needs to be amended they may wish to renovate it at the same time if it's suffering from any wear and tear," they wrote, adding, "A quote should be free though. However, one thing to bear in mind is that if your grandmother is buried in a public cemetery then you must be the person named as the grave owner on the deeds to get any amendments made to the stone."

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