Grave sites should be sacred places where families can go to mourn and remember, but for one Rome family, its been a site of more heartbreak than it ought to be.

Jasmine Tyler and her mother laid Jasmine's sister, Stephanie, to rest in 2013, and her brother, Thomas in 2017. When the family went to visit their grave on June 4th - the anniversary of Stephanie's death - they noticed something missing.

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The statue of a fisherman, placed there because Thomas loved to fish, was gone. That's not even the worst part: this is the second time in just a few weeks the memorial has been stolen - the latest replacement was only there for two weeks. "It’s just upsetting. My niece wanted it since my brother Thomas loved fishing," says Jasmine.

The family is asking for any information about the current location of the fisherman. The statue is marked with "T. Shepherd 1992-2017" in permanent vinyl. It was stolen from St. Mary's Cemetery.

We're not sure what kind of person steals from a grave, but we'd like to think there's a special type of karma waiting for them.

If you know anything about this incident, please contact Jasmine Tyler on Facebook.


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