The internet is fuming after the son of a working mom shared on Reddit that his mother's job is "in jeopardy" after he had to undergo "emergency surgery," for which she took time off to care for him.

Working parents have a lot to juggle, and unfortunately, the workplace is sometimes not understanding when family issues arise.

Sharing the story on Reddit's popular "Antiwork" thread, the son, who posts under the username u/Soup_Rah, shared screenshots of the letter his mom's employer sent reprimanding her for "excessive absenteeism."

"On Fridаy, April 8, 2022, you sent me а text messаge. Your message stated that your son would be having surgery the following week and that you would be going to Colorado to care for him for а week," the employer wrote.

"You will be designated as а 'back-up' hygienist the next time you are out without prior notice," the letter continued. "We'll hire а part-time or full-time hygienist. Any days the new hygienist is unable to work, whether permanently or temporarily, will be offered to you."

According to the author, the mom gave notice to her employer as soon as they found out about his unexpected surgery.

Many commenters were furious about the letter and were quick to point out that giving her company a week's notice should be sufficient.

"'Without prior notice' So a WEEK IN ADVANCE is apparently not prior notice?" one Redditor commented.

Other comments urged the stressed mom to find a new job.

"Look for a new job and quit without notice as soon as you find one, f--- these leeches," another Reddit user offered.

A third Redditor laid out an exit strategy for the woman: "Look for new job, accept the position, leave with no notice, and write a similar letter back ('due to threats of reduced hours/wages, I've taken a position elsewhere ect.') Your mom probably won't love this idea, but it's the best available option in the market."

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