When ignorant and outspoken lawmakers start referring to women as "farm animals" and say that issues of contraception would be solved if ladies would just stop having the sex, it’s time for Hollywood to get involved.

Because in Hollywood, you may be allowed to objectify women, but you aren’t allowed to take away their reproductive freedom. And all the degrees of Kevin Bacon know it.

The Center for Reproductive Rights has launched a campaign to counteract the recent political moves against the liberties of the fairer sex, and they've enlisted the support of several famous faces for a PSA to help spread the word about a new bill designed to “guarantee and protect reproductive rights as fundamental human rights."

In the video, Bacon and wife Kyra Sedgwick sign the Bill of Reproductive Rights at drawtheline.org, and then use their celebrity network to get other big names on board.

Amy Poehler, marked with a scarlet A, starts the chain reaction of signatures that includes Lisa Kudrow, a hilariously potty-mouthed Tea Leoni, a surprisingly clean-mouthed Sandra Bernhard, Olympia Dukakis, and fellow scarlet-lettered actress Martha Plimpton.

Finally, Sarah Silverman -- who's no stranger to funny, NSFW political vids -- calls in the “the big guns,” aka Meryl Streep, who asks viewers, “What are you waiting for?”

It’s always fun to see celebs step out of their pretend worlds to say something real and use their powers for the forces of good. Especially for such a great cause.

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