Shop til you drop.  Does that describe you?  Even if it doesn't, I'm sure you have some pet peeves when it comes to shopping. has put together their list of the top seven shopping pet peeves.  I've added my own comments in parantheses.  See if you agree with their list. 

#1.  Pushy Salespeople  (Don't you hate that?  It's a guarantee I will leave the store if I encounter a pushy salesperson.)

#2.  Less Than Flattering Dressing Rooms  (Doesn't that describe most of them?)

#3.  Dressing Rooms That Are Too Flattering   (I have to say that I've never encountered one of those!)

#4.  Poor Store Lighting  (I don't run into this too much while shopping.)

#5.  Annoying People In Adjoining Dressing Rooms (I've had plenty of those.  Why do people talk to themselves at top volume while trying on clothes?)

#6.  The Perfect Dress Turns Out To Be A Romper  (Never had that happen to me.)

#7.  Salespeople Pushing Store Credit Cards  (I know they have to ask because it's their job, but please don't keep pushing the card after I've politely told you no thankyou.)