This maybe the most important thing you've read all day. The "World's Largest Rubber Duck" will be swimming her way to Onondaga Lake this summer time and thousands will gather watch her float...and quack.

The first ever Onondaga Cup and Lakefest is coming to Long Branch Park in Liverpool on July 16th. The event will feature rowing, a paddleboard competition, and an onshore celebration featuring food, live music, and lots of smiles.

The weekend festival will also be showcasing a night time race under the lights, and the "World's Largest Rubber Duck." You heard us right, "Mama Duck" is full of hot air and ready to fly the coop to the Salt City.

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Getty Images/Marianna Massey

The big duck idea was birthed by "Tall Ships Duluth" Producer, Craig Samborski.  She has appeared at festivals all over the country, and now she's waddling her way to Syracuse. According to

The duck weighs 11 tons and is 61 feet high when inflated.


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