So, my latest stupid act: trying to toss a beverage out the window of my moving car.

Now, before the politically correct authorities crack down, I did NOT litter. I would NEVER litter. I WOULD, however, be stupid. This is what I did: I held onto the styrofoam cup, removed the lid, and attempted toss the ginger ale and ice out the passenger-side window while I was driving. Yes...across the entire width of the interior when the driver's side window was, um, right next to me. (I like a good challenge.) We decided to ask Facebook what stupid stuff you've spilled all over the interior of your car.

First, below are the ginger ale stains on the interior of my passenger-side door Note the downward streaks of the sugary beverage:

Credit: Dave Coombs/TSM

We received some great responses from folks disclosing their stupidity and/or bad luck...

Chris admits to coffee, while Tara tried to toss a half-eaten apple out what she THOUGHT was an OPEN window; you can figure out the rest of that story.

In a similar situation, Janice says her "husband turned his head to sneeze, but forgot to put the window down." Gross.

Liz says her BF "went to shake his protein shaker and the tab was open."

Valerie's worst spill was a gin and tonic. That's tragic.

Melissa and Ryan both have pet peeves about drive-thru coffee establishments where the lids are not properly secured.

Our winner is Bruce and his "crockpot of melted chocolate" that he was bringing to work. Judging from the picture below, it never made it:

Credit: Bruce P. Nash Jr./TSM

If you have any stories or pictures to add into the mix, please send 'em in, so I can feel better about my stupidity.