Flowers, chocolates, and Sunday brunches are all very popular--but they're not necessarily the gifts that moms REALLY want.

This Sunday, May 12th is the big day. Mother's Day 2019. We canvassed our Lite 98.7 Facebook Friends and consulted a number of other sources to come up with a definitive list of the things moms REALLY want for Mother's Day. The list may surprise you and it will certainly give you some great ideas for things you can do for YOUR mom this Mother's Day.

-Zero activities, cooking, laundry, etc. Some moms just want a whole lotta peace and quiet to relax, read a book, whatever.

-Sleep. None of us gets enough. And that goes triple for moms.

-No family fights. Get the kids to team up and agree to provide mom with a get-out-of-being-a-referee free card for one day.

-Car detailing. Inside and out. Turn your mom's vehicle into a clean-smelling, luxury ride.

-Nice weather for outdoor activities. Anyone have any connections with Mother Nature to ensure THAT, especially with the Winter we had and the Spring we're having?

-Bubble wrap. Janice told us on Facebook: "I love popping bubble wrap." So, hone in on the one thing that really gives your mother joy (no matter how odd it is) and give her that.

If you're planning something for mom, hope this helps. If you have any other great ideas, drop us a note. If you're a mom, we hope you have a wonderful day.

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