Confession: I'm a snorer. Although...Beth recorded me recently on her phone and played it back on the air, and I didn't think it sounded that bad.

Some people, however, have really bad and sometimes unusual sleep issues, abnormalities, disturbances or habits. We did some research and reached out to some of our Facebook Friends for a little feedback. Here are some of the craziest things Central New Yorkers experience in their sleep, featuring some Facebook comments.

1. Sleep Paralysis
Sleep paralysis often happens right before waking, producing the sense that you are awake, but the inability to move any part of your body.

2. Feeling of Falling
This phenomenon most likely occurs when you are stressed out, overworked, or overly tired.

3. Sleepwalking
I used to do this when I was a kid. One time my mom found me asleep in the middle of the street in front of our house. Experts say many things that can increase the likelihood of sleepwalking including alcohol, although I can say I definitely was NOT drinking at age 10 when it happened to me. Mike has an odd one. He says he "stands up against a wall and sleeps."

4. Sleep Eating
Some people indulge in odd food combos, like peanut butter and pasta, and sometimes non-food items such as nail polish or paper. According to a New York Times report, sleep eaters sometimes suffer “injuries like black eyes from walking into a wall or hand cuts from a prep knife, or dental problems from gnawing on frozen food."

Judy says her ex made nachos in his sleep, but "directly on the pan or plate."

Bill said a college buddy "tried to order Chinese food by calling a funeral home."

Moe told us he dreams that he's ordering at Taco Bell and his wife has to "pretend to be a Taco bell drive thru employee" and take his order.

5. Exploding Head Syndrome
Exploding head syndrome falls into the same category as the feeling of falling, and the imagined sensation is just what it sounds like.

6. Sleep Sex
ABC News says "about 8 percent of patients reported incidents of sexsomnia – initiating sex with a partner while asleep.” Apologies (or possibly Thank You cards) may be recommended.

7. Night Terrors
These terrible nightmares can occur due to extreme fatigue, high stress levels, fever, or even an overfull bladder.

8. Sleep Driving
Amazingly, sleep drivers have been able to get from one location to another without ever waking up. According to Psychology Today, it's unknown "how many driving fatalities may have resulted from sleep driving.”

Lori called into the show at 315-721-0987 and said her boyfriend tells her that she hisses like a snake in her sleep. If you have any other odd sleep disorders or habits, shoot me an email.

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