If you want soda that doesn't taste like soda, you drink a root beer. Or a Sprite. Or even a Cherry Coke. There's just no logical reason to create this cola concoction.

This blasphemous beverage was spotted at Roma's in Utica, home to some of the best tomato pie the city has to offer.

Would you drink this?

Pepsi has introduced Salted Caramel flavored soda. Salted caramel frappuccino, yes. Soda? That's a hard no. Is salted caramel this Christmas equivalent of pumpkin spice? Do we really need such a thing?

We can take comfort knowing that this is a purely limited edition effort by Pepsi. After the holidays are over, this salted caramel soda will go back to wherever it came from.

Have you tried this? Would you?



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