This week's 'Would You Rather' question is going to be tough. You may need a few minutes to make your decision.

Most of our questions over the last few weeks have been decently easy - With two good choices and you just had to pick the option you liked better. Even last week's question (which was a little tougher) wasn't too bad. It's nothing like today's question. Today's question is difficult. Now, it's nothing disgusting or devastating or anything like that, but it will probably make you think more.

Alright, are you ready for today's question?

...Are you sure?


Okay, here we go:


Would You Rather:
Lose your ability to read
- OR -
Lose your ability to speak?


Told you it was pretty tough. Go ahead and take a few minutes to think about it.

When you've come up with your decision, we want to know what it is! You can vote in our poll below:

You can also tell us why you chose the answer you did - Leave us a message in the "comments section" at the bottom of this page, or leave us a note on our Lite 98.7 Facebook Page.



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