Sometimes you find yourself in situations where you have to improvise in order to prevail. Sometimes it's a matter of life and death, and sometimes it's just a matter of advancing to the next square on the board in the game of life.

When I was about 14, I watched with amazement as my buddy Dwight tore a piece of cloth from an old, raggedy shirt in the trunk of his car and temporarily repaired a hose in the engine. When the service guy arrived 45 minutes later, he also was amazed at the ingenuity of a young teen and gave Dwight kudos for coming up with just about the finest solution he could under the circumstances.

In the movie 127 Hours, James Franco portrays an extreme hiker named Aron Ralston, who ingenuously and methodically amputates his own arm in order to survive a harrowing fall into a crevasse in the rocks.

Two different stories of Survive & Advance.

Now, my situation in the video above is only slightly less urgent than the two scenarios I just described. With no bolt on the inside of the bathroom stall at work, you take a seat in there, and you run the risk of exposing yourself to co-workers. (More their embarrassment than mine, I'm sure.)

So, you have to get creative, in order to give yourself the privacy you need, and spare your colleagues the horror of witnessing a life-altering scene. You need to channel your inner MacGyver.

That was the challenge I met inside the bathroom at the office, depicted in the short film above. Maybe you have your own Tips & Tricks that help you get through the day. Please share 'em with me.


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