First things first, I want to apologize for how up close and personal the picture going along with this blog is, I'm trying to prove a point.

I am someone who tries really hard to have a positive attitude. I was raised with the values of being a good person. If someone needs help, help them. Compliment people. Make someone smile.

As I've gotten older, I've learned the importance of taking care of my skin as well. Yet, a lot of people worry when they're still super young and have wrinkles ANYWHERE on their body. I know I'm trying to do my best to eliminate this from happening with my face specifically. But, a new study at the University of Miami showed that having wrinkles is actually a good thing!

It makes you seem more genuine and sincere.

While the study was conducted, researchers took photos of people with different facial expressions: some people in the photos had wrinkles around their eyes and some did not. Then, participants were asked to rate each others images: do they look like a nice, sincere person or do they not. The people with wrinkles around their faces were rated the most sincere! They also used different expressions to test this: happy, sad, big smiles.

What's the explanation for this?  Researchers came up with the answer that, really, our "brains are wired" to view those with wrinkles around their eyes as more sincere.

Taking care of my skin is still going to be super important to me, but I think I might lay off how often I critique the bags or the wrinkles around my eyes. I'm just a happy, sincere, good person in my opinion and to be totally honest with you that's a good enough reason for me.



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