We're hitting the end of July, which means Christmas is less than 5 months away! Instead of running in fear, you can celebrate it at Sweet Escape Chocolate Lounge.

Some people start planning for Christmas months in advance. Others let the Holiday Season sneak up on them and they have to rush to get everything ready. This event can benefit both types of people. Those who have already starting shopping and prepping for the Holidays will get some more ideas for gifts and treats, and others will at least get started thinking about Christmas.

It's a special Christmas in July event at Sweet Escape Chocolate Lounge. The celebration goes on for three days from Thursday, July 28th through Saturday, July 30th at their business location: 252 Genesee Street in Utica. The Event Post on their Facebook Page reads,

Come join us for Christmas in July! For three days only you will get a sneak peek at some of the items we will have available for you this upcoming holiday season. Holiday barks, new truffles, and even our specialty Reindeer Crunch!!

Now that's how you get your mind ready for the holiday season that will be fast approaching! And if you're not ready to even start thinking about Christmas, it's still worth coming out for - We mean chocolate... Do you need a better excuse than that?

If you need more information about this special celebration, you can check out their Facebook Event Post here.




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