Do you have a knack for scaring the heck out of people? If your answer is yes, a farm in Rome wants to talk to you.

Wagner Farms in Rome is all ready to kick off their Halloween haunted hay rides...except for one thing: they need more people to help with the scaring. According to their Facebook post, Wagner Farms is still in need of about 20 people to fill out their Haunted Hayride roster. And they need people RIGHT NOW.

The hayrides run during weekends in October, from 7pm - 11pm. If you're planning on attending, it's $10 per person. There will even be great food served from Sarita's food truck - two thumbs up for her empanadas, by the way.

If you're interested in scaring people, and helping out an amazing local farm with their Halloween fun, you can reach out to Wagner Farms on Facebook, or call the farm at 315-339-5182. 

The folks at Wagner Farms say "we need about 20-25 more people/volunteers or organizations to help run the show, haunting, scaring, rides and basic things. At this point due to the lack of organizations who have been asked yet not jumped on board, we will be dividing up 33% total take with anyone who wants a share that helps, some people are strictly donating their time. This is a all or nothing end of season make or break, keep us in business event or we are done, simple as that, everything we made from summer/sunflower event has been reinvested back into what was asked for by the community we serve. Hours for haunted ride are 6-midnight every Saturday and Sunday October."

What better way to be a part of the Halloween season than by scaring the bejeebles out of some unsuspecting folks on a hayride?

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