As I was laying in bed sick yesterday, the only thing I could think about was Riggies. Why? I went to Riggies, Greens and Rock at the Stanley on Sunday and it really was so delicious it was the only food I wanted yesterday (side note, I didn't get any but that's besides the point.)

Then I got to thinking. Tomato pie sounded good as well. And so did a half moon cookie. All foods we Central New Yorkers love!

I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a post of numerous items like chocolate, cereal, pizza etc and it said "You Can Only Pick Three Of These." Which then led me to create my own, but CNY style!

I then posted the question to Facebook, where many of you chimed in and are still continuing to.

Then, I realized I'm sure we had differing opinions around the office, SO I WENT AND ASKED A BUNCH OF PEOPLE!

Turns out, it's just too hard of a decision to get everyone to come to a general consensus. But i'm still curious - what would YOU choose?

Chime in on the Facebook post above! Or comment on my video!

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