The candidates have pounded the pavement, kissed babies and hugged constitutes. Now it is time for you to cast your vote for the candidates you feel are best qualified. Today we'll vote for politicians to serve our state and our nation. If you have registered to vote get out and cast your ballot. Did you know there have been some changes in polling place locations?
Let's provide you with some assistance to help find yours.

To find your polling place simply view this site and fill out the form. It will let you know where to go.

I've wondered, why do other nations have higher voter turnouts? Some nations like Australia, for instance, make voting mandatory. If you don't vote your subject to a small fine. Some nations hold fewer elections than America but all you have to do there is prove citizenship and you're automatically registered to vote, instead of having to register separately like the good old U.S.A. Well, the bottom line is that voting is a right, a right that our service men and women have fought and died for, so honor them by casting your ballot today.

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