They may be "For You," but only for a limited time. Dunkin' Donuts is discontinuing some of its donuts, so you may want to get to your favorite Mohawk Valley-area Dunkin' locations and stock up.

The folks at Dunkin' are always doing research about flavors and products in an attempt to better serve their loyal customers and streamline their operation.

The company will lose about six doughnut flavors by the end of October. Here's the tricky part: they're not yet disclosing which ones will be included in the purge.

Some locations were offering a more limited menu by the end of August, so a few of you regulars may already have noticed a change.

In addition to the doughnut cuts, the changes will also include the elimination of some all-day sandwiches, bagels, danishes, cookies, and brownies.

For those of you who enjoy the Dunkin' Donuts coffee, don't worry, they're not changing anything in that department.

Oh and, while we're on the topic, a couple of other pertinent thoughts...

If you're wondering: Can I freeze my favorite donuts? The answer is Yes. But, according to The, some types require special methods and care.

Also, if you're wondering: Should I spell it "doughnuts" or "donuts"? The answer is the former is the dictionary-approved spelling, but the latter has been used so much, it's also accepted as the secondary spelling.

Good luck, donut sisters and doughnut bros...or broughs.


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