Dunkin' Donuts makes door to door deliveries in other US cities. Wouldn't it be nice if they started doing that in Utica?

It's a fact, some Dunkin' locations deliver door to door: Portland, Los Angeles, and Chicago to name a few. Granted, those city's are a whole larger than Utica, but wouldn't it be great if they started delivering in Central New York?

We're not gonna lie, it would be awesome if we could get a hot n fresh Dunkin' dark roast, and a bagel with cream cheese delivered right to our studios. Perhaps if enough of us  comment on Dunkin's Facebook page, we can make that happen eventually.

Here's a few more  Dunkin' Donuts Fun Facts:

There are over 11,500 locations.

The first shop opened in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Dunkin' Donuts used to be called "Open Kettle."

International Specialties include: Pistachio frosting, pork floss, and mango pudding donuts.

If the coffee is not used within 18 minutes, it's discarded.


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