Put away your lawnmower and get ready to watch the green grass grow. There's a new movement buzzing its way into May.

Man mowing the grass on a riding mower

Yes, this is a real thing! No Mow May is a conservation initiative originally started by Plantlife, a group based out of the United Kingdom. The goal is simple, grow your lawn out and don't mow it for the entire month of May.

According to experts, mowing your lawn prevents habitats from growing. By leaving your lawn alone, bees and other pollinators have better opportunities to thrive. This then leads to more diverse plant growth and an increase in the pollinator's population.

A man mowing grass with a mow in a farm yard

Back in 2020, Lawrence University completed a study of the effects of No Mow May in the city of Appleton, Wisconsin. Over 435 properties agreed to join the initiative and let their lawns grow out for the entire month of May.

Two researchers, Israel Del Toro and Relena Ribbons, studied the number of flower and bees found in the unmown yards. They then compared what they found to other lawns with mowed grass in the nearby area. What they found will shock you...

close up of honey bees flying

They amount of new flowers and plant life weren't just higher than the mowed lawns, they were dramatically higher. Those participating in No Mow May had a species abundance three-times higher and a bee population five-times higher than before. With that kind of success, even more people from Appleton participated the following year in 2021.

So this year in Central New York, why not join the initiate yourself? Help spread plant life and support the bees. Might be helpful if you want to start your own bee hive!

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