A man was forced to take down his Christmas lights after a neighbor complained that they were 'too bright.' Now he tells us his side of the story.

House All Decorated for Christmas
(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Meet Mike Gudith - just a regular guy getting into the holiday spirit by decorating his house and lawn with Christmas lights and decorations. Unfortunately a neighbor didn't like all his decorations and decided to complain to the city about the lights.

City workers came out to the house and found that some of the lights and decorations had to go. Mike Gudith joined the Workday Kick-Off with Matt and Naomi, to tell his side of the story.

What a disappointing story for the holidays. Seriously, Mike's decorations weren't ridiculously over the top. It wasn't something you would expect anyone to complain about. But some people just don't like the holidays, or don't like people getting all festive and what not. What a scrooge, right?!




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