If he purposely intended to deceive his constituents, well, how low can you go? On the other hand, if you vote for someone you've never seen or heard of...you get what you get, right? Well, many in a small community near Houston Texas believe that in fact, a local politician won an election after leading voters to believe he is African American, when he is clearly Caucasian.

Dave Wilson, who unsuccessfully ran for Houston mayor in 2011, narrowly won a seat on the Houston Community College Board of Trustees after pretending to be black in his predominantly African American district, KHOU 11 News reported Friday.

KHOU.com in Houston, Texas has the complete story.

Okay, white musicians like Elvis and Eminem have used a soulful sound to soar to recording success, and it appears Mr. Wilson is doing something similar. Should Dave Wilson not win the election? Should he publicly admit misleading the voters and not accept the position he was elected too? Please comment below.