Melanie Strandberg, a Spokane, Washington hairstylist decided to shave her head after her sister was diagnosed with cancer. You'd think she'd be praised for this sincere act of solidarity. You would never have imagined that this decision would force her to quit the job she loves.

Melanie Strandberg has been doing hair in the Spokane area for nearly eight years, calling it a passion of hers.  According to the Huffington Post:

She has been a salon supervisor at La Rive Salon and Spa at the Northern Quest Casino and resort since December.
Recently Melanie decided to shave her head in support of her sister Marisa who is about to start her second round of chemotherapy. Now this isn't the first time Melanie has done something like this for her sister.
Last year when Marisa originally learned she had stage 3 ovarian cancer, she had her first round of chemo and lost all her hair.
Not wanting her to go through this difficult experience alone, Melanie also shaved off every single hair on her head, saying hair is only a frame for a face.
This week Melanie was forced to write a resignation letter to her manager at La Rive.
She says after showing up to work with her head shaved she was told by management that she had to wear a wig because being bald may make guests uncomfortable and a hairstylist with no hair doesn't make any sales.
Feeling like she didn't have any decision, Melanie chose family over her job.

Marisa says she wasn't surprised when she heard what her big sister Melanie did. Would you choose your brother or sister over your job?