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7 Photos That Are NOT Hurricane Sandy
Don't always believe everything Facebook tells you. If it was all true, do you have any idea how many dollars would've been donated to charity for liking that picture of a kitten? It can't be all true, and it's not. Here are some pictures of "Hurricane Sandy" ci…
Atlantic City Sandy Photos
Sandy pummeled the East Coast, hitting the Jersey Shore hard and leaving millions without power. Our friends at New Jersey 101.5 have been asking listeners to send photos in of all the damage from Sandy. Here's Atlantic City Sandy damage photos.
The Monthly Unemployment Report Is Delayed By Hurricane Sandy
It appears that the monthly jobs report from the Labor Department that's due out Friday (November 2nd) will be delayed because of Hurricane Sandy. The closely watched report on the unemployment rate and number of jobs created in the previous month will be the last piece of economic news to come…
Things Our Family Is Doing To Prepare For Hurricane Sandy
The gas tanks are full, and our refrigerators are also full. Perhaps we're over-reacting a bit, but just in case, we've taken a few steps around our household to prepare for what Hurricane Sandy may bring Central New York. First, our radios are set to Lite 98.7 for information updates, nex…
Herkimer County Advisories And Alerts For Hurricane Sandy
Herkimer County, NY (WIBX) - Public officials in Herkimer County are issuing alerts to residents regarding Hurricane Sandy.
Village of Ilion

All vehicles must be removed from streets immediately until further notice
The DPW  has a pile of sand and bags for residents that can be filled at the former Woo…

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