Is It Okay For Teachers To Spank Our Children? [POLL]
When I was in junior high school I was sent to the principle's office for a paddling. It still stings today. I don't remember what I did to deserve a whack on the butt but I do remember that I thought it was excessive punishment for kids. Now, a 63-year-old elementary school teacher in the San Anton…
Baby Bandit Picks Locks, Steals Sister’s Toys
We would say this impressive, but it seems more appropriate to say this kid is the uber-little brother. Breaking into his sister's room? Check. Stealing her stuff? Check. Doing it in a manner that makes it hard to prove it was him? Check.
Ever Want to Swear Without Actually Swearing?
Face it, we all have that moment when something happens and you accidentally let one slip. Usually it's in front of someone as well. The last thing you want to do is swear in front of kids so you try to substitute something for it and either it just sounds weird or it still sounds like a curse.
Our Four Year Old Son’s Favorite Four Books [PHOTOS]
My wife and I believe that children who grow up in homes where books are plentiful go further in school than those who don't. This is why our son Dylan's room has plenty of books. Now I'd be misleading you if I told you he can read a book all by himself or draw a picture about the boo…

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