Utica has plenty - from the Stanley Theater to the Utica Comets, to restaurants, bars and shopping. But there are a few things missing from Utica. Here are 10 things we need to bring to the city.

  • 1

    Dairy Queen

    The closest Dairy Queen locations are in Rochester and Albany. We need something closer, and I think Utica is the perfect place

    Photo by: Win McNamee/Getty Images News
  • 2

    A Rollercoaster

    I'm not talking about a full amusement park (although I wouldn't argue with that idea). But one rollercoaster, crossing the city - well, that would be pretty awesome!

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  • 3

    Jet's Pizza

    Jet's Pizza is a Michigan classic, but it needs to come to New York - so why not open one up in Utica? I talked with an owner of Jet's Pizza when I went to Michigan for a visit and he explained why Jet's is so great and why it needs to be everywhere.

  • 4

    A Science Museum

    We have the Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institution and the Oneida County Historical Society, but how about a little hands-on fun. I think we need a science museum in the city, like two days ago!

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  • 5

    Go Kart Track

    I don't even know where to go to race my friends on a go-kart track, and that's all I really want to do. If we get one in Utica... well, then the problem is solved.

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  • 6

    A Poker Hall

    There was one in Port Huron, Michigan called Mavericks. It was just a little place where they would hold small poker tournaments, and cash games. It was tons of fun, and I would love to see that idea brought here.

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  • 7

    Ponderosa Steakhouse

    I hear there once was one in Utica. I wonder what happened to it. Can we bring it back? Please?

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  • 8

    A Cat Cafe

    Or one of those stress-relief rooms - either way. We need an area to get away for a bit, and relax, especially with how busy Central New York life can get.

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  • 9

    Dave and Buster's

    Syracuse has a Dave & Buster's, so why can't we have one? Maybe one that's walking distance from my house - that would be perfect!

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  • 10

    A Drive-In Theater

    I have never been to a drive-in theater. I heard Rome had one quite a few years ago. I'm thinking this is something that needs to be in Utica. How cool would that be?!

    Photo by: Joe Raedle/Hulton Archive