Whether you're camping or just having a little fire in the backyard, 'tis the season for s'mores! Here's a few different twists you can try on the traditional treat...

1. The "Everything" S'more: Replace the chocolate bar in your s'more with a "Take 5" candy bar. Seeing as a Take 5 bar consists of pretzel, caramel, peanuts, and peanut butter, wrapped in chocolate, this s'more really has all your sweets covered.

2. Strawberry S'more: In this s'more recipe, you use the same ingredients as a traditional s'more, just add in sliced strawberries. There's something SO good about the strawberries and marshmallows together, and of course the chocolate.

3. Minty S'more: Replace the chocolate bar of your s'more with a York Peppermint Patty. It works with those Ghirardelli dark chocolate and mint squares, too.

4. Oreo Cookie S'more: Make a traditional s'more and just add an Oreo cookie on top of your chocolate bar. The only bad thing is the Oreo cookie doesn't melt or "blend" with the other ingredients before you eat it (which makes it a little messy with crumbs), but it's still delicious and worth making at least once.

Unhealthy Chocolate Cookies with Cream Filling

5. Bacon S'more: Chocolate and bacon go SO well together, that it only makes sense that it would be even better in s'more-form. Pre-cook some bacon ahead of time so you're ready when you feel like making this treat. It's a traditional s'more with graham cracker, marshmallow, and a chocolate bar, just add a few pieces of bacon on top of the chocolate bar before you add the toasted marshmallow. Delicious!

6. The Double-Treat S'more: For this awesome snack, you can use whatever kind of chocolate you want - If you want to stick to the regular chocolate bar or if you want to put in a different candy bar, whatever you choose. But instead of using graham crackers, you use cookies. Peanut butter cookies are the best way to go (in my opinion), but chocolate chip cookies work well, too.

7. Salted Caramel S'more: Instead of using a regular chocolate bar in this s'more creation, replace it with a Ghirardelli salted caramel square. The chocolate outside mixed with caramel and marshmallow make this an easy and delicious improvement on the traditional s'more.

8. Crunchy Waffer S'more: Same with the recipe above, but this time you can replace the plain chocolate bar with a Kit-Kat. This is pretty close to the original s'more, but the waffers in the Kit-Kat just give it some extra "omph."

9. Cookie S'more: Not to be confused with the "double-treat s'more" listed above, this snack has cookies added to it. More specifically, cookie dough. Just pick up some cookie dough from your local grocery store and put it on the chocolate bar of your s'more. Add your toasted marshmallow and you're good-to-go.

10. The Best S'more Ever: We really did save the best for last. You would think this is some sort of double-decker chocolately s'more with all the fixings, right?! Well, it's not. It's actually one of the smallest changes you can make to a s'more that will turn it into the best one we've tried so far. Seriously. All you have to do is replace the regular chocolate bar with a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. That's it. But it's SO good, it may become the only way you make s'mores from now on.

The best thing about s'mores is you can create them however you choose. And experimenting with different candy bars or other snacks is half the fun. Maybe add pretzels to your next s'more or try one of the recipes above. I'm hoping to save some girl scout cookies one year (yeah good luck, I know), and make a s'more using their s'more cookies, like a "Some More S'more." I'd love to try a s'more with a Twix bar too, seeing as that's my favorite candy bar. The possibilities are endless when it comes to changing up this summertime treat.




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