Winter can be a rough few months, but there are a lot of things that are worse than dealing with the cold and snow. Here's just a few of those things...



1 - Getting a horrible sunburn. Oh, and what's worse? Not having any aloe to help soothe the pain.


2 - Having an air conditioner that doesn't work, and it's more than 95-degrees out.


3 - Getting a speeding ticket (or any ticket for that matter). And what's worse than that? Going to the DMV to try to take care of everything. Yeah, no thank you.


4 - Mosquito and bug bites in the summer. They're itchy, painful, annoying, but at least you don't have to worry about that in the winter.


5 - When it's too hot to take a hot shower, but you hate cold showers. The struggle is real.


6 - Taking care of your taxes. What form is needed again? Didn't you already fill that out? What about work expenses - which form is that?


7 - Thunderstorms that make the power go out in the middle of something important, like say, your favorite show (which by the way, you weren't recording because you actually got home in time to see it live).


8 - Dealing with humidity that makes your hair stick up in such a weird way - It looks like you were just electrocuted.


9 - Getting all sweaty and sticking to everything, the car seats, your significant other when you're trying to sleep, your arm on the counter... Everything!


10 - Running out of bacon. Is there anything worse, honestly?!


What do you think is worse than dealing with the cold weather of winter? Or is nothing worse than this time of the year?




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