The results are in! Naomi Lynn tested out the top 5 methods for picking out lottery numbers and found what worked the best.

A few years ago, Eric Meier posted a video with the top 5 methods for picking out Powerball numbers. With all the "Powerball Fever" that has been filing the air lately, Naomi Lynn decided to test out the theories and find out which one really worked.

Unfortunately, Naomi didn't hit the big 1.6 billion dollar jackpot, but she did learn the best way to pick Powerball numbers, or any lottery numbers for that matter.

So that's what it comes down to when picking lottery numbers. Unfortunately, Naomi Lynn didn't have those winning numbers for the Powerball. Congratulations to those in California, Tennessee, and Florida that matched all the numbers correctly. And congratulations to the 5 winners in New York that took home a million dollar prize each. With what Naomi has learned in this little 'experiment,' maybe she'll take the jackpot in the next big drawing.





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