Fall may not "officially" be here yet, but we're getting pretty close. Here are a few activities you can enjoy to help you get into that "fall spirit" and make the most out of this time of the year.

It may be a little early for carving pumpkins and checking out fall foliage, but there are still a lot of other things you can do to get ready for the fall season. Maybe try one of these suggestions:

Enjoy a Fall Beverage from Utica Coffee Roasting Company - Why not try their new "Pumpkin Donutz" (formally known as pumpkin pie), or one of their delicious treats? It may not be a "fall flavor," but you could grab a bag of their "Rainforest Blend" and help out the Utica Zoo. That flavor is pretty new as well.

Get Lost in a Corn Maze - It's not too early to start making your way through those Central New York Corn Mazes. There's quite a few in our area that are already open for the season. Why not check out Critz Farms or the Remsen Depot corn maze?

Have a Backyard Fire - There's just something so fall-ish about sitting in the backyard next to a little fire, while you feel that slight chill in the air. Make the best of it by enjoying a s'more or roasted marshmallow.

Go Apple Picking - It may be a little early for the pumpkins, but it's not too early for apple picking. You can head to Fly Creek Cider Mill and make a whole day out of it. Pick some apples, feed the ducks, watch the press make apple cider, and pick up a few goodies from their gift shop.

Red apples

Watch a Football Game - Nothing gets you into that fall spirit faster than watching a football game (even if you're not a huge sports fan). Whether you just catch a high school game or you want to see the professions, enjoy a little bit of football this season. Don't forget the tailgating, you could even get married before a game if you wanted.

Get a Cup of Delicious Hot Chocolate - Sure, you could make your own, but we suggest you head to Sweet Escape Chocolate Lounge in Utica for some of the best hot chocolate around. Plus, you can just "lounge" around in their building, while enjoying your delicious taste of fall.

Make Apple Crisp - Speaking of "taste of fall," why not get the family together to help cook a big batch of apple crisp. Or you could make an apple pie (or pumpkin pie) if that's what you prefer. It will definitely help you get into that fall spirit.

Talk a Walk - Sure, you won't be seeing many trees with their leaves turning yet, but you'll still feel that cool, almost-fall air. Might as well soak up any last nice day we get before it starts getting too cold, and it starts to snow, and we all just want to hibernate inside for a few months.

Buy a Seasonal Candle - A quick trip over to Sangertown Mall can help you with this one. Yankee Candle will have all those fall scents you're looking for (seriously, they have tons). Maybe try the new "Moonbeams on Pumpkins," their "Warm Apple Crisp," or even "Maple Pancakes."

Enjoy a Nice Bowl of Soup - When the weather starts getting a little chilly, nothing hits the spot quite like a bowl of soup. This is the perfect time to get the crock-pot out and make your own homemade soup. If that's not what you're into, well you have plenty of options in the Utica/Rome area that offer delicious soups.





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